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ATOMY FREE MEMBERSHIP for anyone at least 18 years old.

NO FEES (NO Sign-Up Fee, NO Subscription Fee, NO Monthly Fee).

NO FORCED PURCHASES (NO Auto Ship, NO Monthly Quota, No Minimum Order Quantity, NO Starter Package).

NO RISKS (30-Day Money Back Guarantee).

IMPORTANT: To keep your ATOMY Membership ID valid, you must buy at least one (1) product of your choice every 12 months – using your own Membership ID Number.

REGISTER For Your Your Free ATOMY Membership

Step 1: Obtain a “Registration Sponsor ID”

Ask for your such Free “Registration Sponsor ID” by email to us at

TIP: Write it down. (Note: you will need this ID number in order to complete your registration in Step 4 below.)

Step 2: Go to the Official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall

Here is the link to the official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall with access to all countries individual ATOMY online malls:

Step 3: Login with Guest ID and Guest Password

Go to top right of page to login with guest information to official ATOMY online shopping mall: Login with ID <contact us> and Guest PW: <contact us>.)

To switch to your country go to top right “USA” in blue heading. Then use drop down menu to make a selection.

Next click “Join Us” on top right to start your registration.

Step 4: Do Member Registration Process

After Login and Join Us are complete, then begin the registration process.

Read and Accept the terms.

Please use your registered Mobile Device and verify your identity. (Two factor authentication). Enter your mobile number and hit gray button “Send Text”. Then enter “code number” and hit blue button “Authenticate”. Hit gray “Next” button on bottom right of page.

Input your personal information. Enter first name, last name, sex. In USA, enter last four of your social security number. (In other countries TIN number, etc.) Enter Date of Birth. Create a Password and a Guest password. (TIP: Write them down.) Enter Mobile telephone number. Enter Address, City, State, Zip Code. Enter email address. Hit gray button “Next” on bottom right of page.

Next, enter the “Registration Sponsor ID” you received in Step 1 above by email, and confirm it is correct. This is very important!

Next, your personal ATOMY Member Number will be shown on the screen and also will be emailed to you.

IMPORTANT: Remember to write down your ATOMY Member ID Number and store it with your new ATOMY Password and Guest Password..

Congratulations! You are now an official ATOMY Member!

Step 5: Log out.

Congratulations! Check your email for confirmation of your ATOMY Membership registration.


Here is the link to the official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall with access to all countries individual ATOMY online malls:

Sign in with your personal Free ATOMY Membership ID Number and Password. TIP: If you do not have them yet, then see above REGISTRATION Steps 1-5.)

Enjoy ATOMY products!

Earn ATOMY Loyalty Rewards Cashback

By Building Up Point Values Only On Official ATOMY Online Mall

Did you know that only by shopping on the official ATOMY online shopping mall with a valid ATOMY Member ID Number will you receive genuine ATOMY products as well as receive valid ATOMY loyalty Point Value (PV) for generous Loyalty Rewards Cashback?

Yes, it is true! (No expiration of loyalty PV until you receive a check!)

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